Chris Valdez is a young man that loves to capture moments through images.  He is a student at Waltham High School and takes many pictures as part of the Photography class that is offered at the school.  Throughout the year, the students worked on many projects and the projects shown are Chris’ best work.

Artist Statement:  

Photography is defined as the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.  That may be the dictionary definition, but the real meaning is way deeper than just the practice of taking images.  Photography has been a new practice of mine but it has taught me many important lessons.  It has taught me that you can take a picture of anything and anywhere.  I capture images in order to show everyone who views them that we are blessed to live on such an amazing planet.   Throughout the year we also learned how to use many photoshop tools in order to edit our images and make them better.  One of my favorite things to do while capturing an image is to get really close and examine the surroundings of what I am trying to capture.  By examining the surroundings, you get a good idea of how to capture the image without getting unnecessary objects in the background.  Some of my best work is texture, because of this reason.  Capturing even the smallest things such as water droplets, makes your image look that much better.  Photography isn’t only the act of taking pictures, its capturing the true beauty of everything around us.